A New Year~

So, life is grand.

(Photo by Bonnie Lucente)

I decided that I need more than just corn to eat

now that it’s COLD.

There isn’t anything good to eat on the floor…

so I convinced my mom to give me special snacks.

Sometimes I make a mess…

and sometimes I bite the hand that feeds me.

Sometimes I pretend that I don’t care…

and sometimes I act real proud.

I helped the cable guy fix the lines… Luca and my dad tried to help, too.

The cable guy was pretty impressed with me!

My mom and I took a walk in the garden…

and believe it or not…

we actually found things BLOOMING!

My mom says that the plants think it’s spring… I believe her!

My favorite girls came home for Christmas BUT

I think they like the C – A – T – S

more than ME!

OR… maybe SHE likes the D – O – G more!

I came in for my Christmas treats and my dad took a nap with ME!

My friend Bonnie came to visit me.

SHE likes ME!

I fell asleep in her arms!

OOPS!!!  Look who came with her!

It’s my friend Maria, but who is THAT???

a    D – O – G ???

My mom thought he was really CUTE!

I didn’t.

HE was drooooooooooooling over ME!!!


Maria tried to hold me BUT

I wasn’t thrilled.

She brought me a bonnet, so my dad helped her try it on.

(Photo by Bonnie Lucente)

I really, really, really don’t think I like him…

BUT my mom and Maria say Lumpy (yes, that’s his name, can you believe it???) is nice…

NOT sure about that!

For some reason, this C – A – T wants to hang out with ME!

I haven’t figured it out yet.

My mom and dad thought it was funny when I landed on this book…

I didn’t!

My dad tried to apologize…

and so did my mom.

I’ll think about it.

My mom had me model my shawl again, but I drew the line and said NO to the bonnet!

Once a day is ENOUGH!

New Year’s Day dawned bright and clear.

A perfect day to wander the gardens, take a walk…

the C – A – T – S tried to see how many footprints would fit on my mom’s car, but got too tired and decided to take a nap.

Pretty ridiculous, if you ask ME!

I went for a walk…

and HE followed me!

My birth mother and the S – I – B – L – I – N – G – S

thought they could come in the house, TOO!

My dad said NO!

I’m special.

So, until next time…



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3 responses to “A New Year~

  1. maria :)

    Ohhhh chickie! You crack me up! I love reading about all your adventures! Me and the lump … Yes … The lump … Will be back to see you soon!

  2. Happy New Year Ms Chickie!

  3. Tea

    I just loved your story..even read it to my hubby~ we both had a good laugh..smile~

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