The Reluctant Roomie~

So, my dad’s at it again.

For some strange reason, he thinks that I should like HER!

He made me a special house and then



Lucky for me, my mom came and rescued me!

I couldn’t wait to get out of there…

I flew right up onto my mom’s head.

SHE wasn’t happy with me.

I guess I had dirty feet and she had to go meet a client.

My dad decided to cuddle with HER!

… while HE WATCHED!

I was NOT thrilled when she jumped down and chased me around the counter.

Neither was my mom.

Bouffie is back at the barn… GOOD RIDDANCE!

My birth mother and the S – I – B – L – I – N – G – S invade my space.

BUT my dad likes ME better.

At least I don’t have to SHARE with THEM!

We had a little bit of snow… I don’t like it!

The C – A – T gets between me and my mom…


I pretend not to care…

BUT sometimes I do, especially when I’M OUTNUMBERED!!!

SO, I wait by the door to come in… until the D – O – G gets TOO CLOSE!!!

and I fly up onto my mom’s shoulder WHERE IT IS SAFE ❤

It snowed again, and I still don’t like it.

I tried to get my mom’s attention…

to let her know that THIS JUST WON’T DO!

A bunch of ladies came over to see me…

(photo by Doreen Piechota)

BUT my mom said they came over for a Walker Homestead Hearthside Hook-In.

My mom baked…

(photo by Doreen Piechota)

(photo by Doreen Piechota)

and my dad cooked…

and the ladies HOOKED…


and ATE…

and HOOKED some more… FOR 2 WHOLE DAYS!

(photo by Doreen Piechota)

I got to visit for a few minutes, but my mom said chickens don’t belong in the house… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???


(photo by Doreen Piechota)

that she is working on a rug of ME!

My mom designed a rug of our ram, Amos, for my Auntie Celeste to hook…

and it’s looking great!

(photo by Doreen Piechota)

Denise is doing a wonderful job with her Americana sheep…

(photo by Doreen Piechota)

Jewell’s cat is awesome!

Kate’s meticulous work is really coming along…

(photo by Doreen Piechota)

and everyone loved Doreen’s new design…

(photo by Doreen Piechota)

and Audrey almost finished her rug… IN 2 DAYS!!!

My mom said I could share her cookie recipe…

it’s my FAVORITE!

My dad cuddled with my birth mother…

so I played hard to get.

The better weather came back…

the D – O – G soaked up the sun on the garlic bed…

the C – A – T got too close for comfort again…

HE thinks HE is my mom’s favorite



The S – I – B – L – I – N – G – S were out harassing me…

but I tried to ignore them.

It rained cats and dogs last week, but I stayed in.

When it stopped, everyone went for a walk…

and got into a bit of a scuffle…

poor Ace (or Eldridge as Uncle Jimmy calls him).

The S – I – B – L – I – N – G – S played in the puddles…

while I watched from my mom’s shoulder, keeping MY feet DRY!

My mom let me come in to work on my blog…

and cuddle against her neck, my favorite spot!

Well, that’s it for now, I hear my dad calling me!

Until next time…


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2 responses to “The Reluctant Roomie~

  1. Barb

    I LOVE Miss Chickie ❤

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