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A New Year~

So, life is grand.

(Photo by Bonnie Lucente)

I decided that I need more than just corn to eat

now that it’s COLD.

There isn’t anything good to eat on the floor…

so I convinced my mom to give me special snacks.

Sometimes I make a mess…

and sometimes I bite the hand that feeds me.

Sometimes I pretend that I don’t care…

and sometimes I act real proud.

I helped the cable guy fix the lines… Luca and my dad tried to help, too.

The cable guy was pretty impressed with me!

My mom and I took a walk in the garden…

and believe it or not…

we actually found things BLOOMING!

My mom says that the plants think it’s spring… I believe her!

My favorite girls came home for Christmas BUT

I think they like the C – A – T – S

more than ME!

OR… maybe SHE likes the D – O – G more!

I came in for my Christmas treats and my dad took a nap with ME!

My friend Bonnie came to visit me.

SHE likes ME!

I fell asleep in her arms!

OOPS!!!  Look who came with her!

It’s my friend Maria, but who is THAT???

a    D – O – G ???

My mom thought he was really CUTE!

I didn’t.

HE was drooooooooooooling over ME!!!


Maria tried to hold me BUT

I wasn’t thrilled.

She brought me a bonnet, so my dad helped her try it on.

(Photo by Bonnie Lucente)

I really, really, really don’t think I like him…

BUT my mom and Maria say Lumpy (yes, that’s his name, can you believe it???) is nice…

NOT sure about that!

For some reason, this C – A – T wants to hang out with ME!

I haven’t figured it out yet.

My mom and dad thought it was funny when I landed on this book…

I didn’t!

My dad tried to apologize…

and so did my mom.

I’ll think about it.

My mom had me model my shawl again, but I drew the line and said NO to the bonnet!

Once a day is ENOUGH!

New Year’s Day dawned bright and clear.

A perfect day to wander the gardens, take a walk…

the C – A – T – S tried to see how many footprints would fit on my mom’s car, but got too tired and decided to take a nap.

Pretty ridiculous, if you ask ME!

I went for a walk…

and HE followed me!

My birth mother and the S – I – B – L – I – N – G – S

thought they could come in the house, TOO!

My dad said NO!

I’m special.

So, until next time…



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Anything but Dull Around Here~

Well, my mom finally came home from her long journey…

and winter keeps flitting in and out,

BUT life has been anything but dull around here!

My sister came all the way from Washington, DC to visit me!

She stood up for me…

admired my fine feathers…

and we had some “girl talk”…



sad farewells~

I have to put up with all the B – O – Y – S…


the peacocks are in the barn now, so I don’t have to deal with THEM!

Especially that Esmeralda!

The garden is looking barren

and a strange bird is hanging around the yard.

My dad tried to feed him and he ran away but

he came back today.

He has a white ring around his neck and makes a weird sound.

My mom and her friends have been going crazy making things

and decorating lately.

She even made this ornament of me!

The grandchildren came to visit… they like me…

and disagree over who should hold me…

not sure how I feel about this!

PHEW!   I was glad when they left!

(photo by Bonnie Lucente for “Home in New England“)

Lots of people came to visit us this weekend… the first thing they saw

was a sign with MY PICTURE on it!

My mom tells me that Candy Looker painted it

because she thinks I’m PRETTY!

Father Christmas came to visit… some people thought he was more interesting than ME!

(Photo by Bonnie Lucente for “Home in New England”  left to right, Bonnie Lucente, Father Christmas, Maria Cardillo of Country Culture)


(Karen Boulay, Primitive Thymes)

Some people thought the D – O – G was more interesting than ME!!!



Doesn’t he know that feathers are for BIRDS???

SO, every time the door was left open


just to REMIND THEM who

is PRINCESS around HERE!

(Photo by Bonnie Lucente for “Home in New England“)

My mom let me sit on her shoulder


have a sip of her mulled cider in the Garden Shop

(photo by Maria Cardillo)

where I hung out all evening with my Auntie Celeste

(photo by Maria Cardillo)

until I started biting people.

My mom decided I was tired so

she brought me to my dad’s woodshop to sleep.

One the way we passed the dyeing pots…

(photo by Maria Cardillo)

which are pretty SCARY at night!


wouldn’t come down until she put me on my roost!

Some people saw me and thought it was funny, but I didn’t!

The grandchildren came back, but lucky for me, they liked HIM more than ME!

I snuck in the house again

and Auntie Celeste let me visit.

I know how to make her laugh!

More people came to visit… Karan (Richmond House Antiques) said she isn’t afraid of my biting…

since she has chickens at home!

BUT my mom put me back outside anyway.

It was fun to see everyone, but I’m glad to have some time to myself.

I snuck in the house again

and helped my dad on the computer.

He wasn’t so sure he wanted my help, especially when my claws slid down his scalp…

so my mom took me away!

But first, she gave me kisses

and let me pose in front of the Christmas tree~

Well, that’s it for now!  We’ve got to plant garlic before the snow flies.

Until next time~


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