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A New Year~

So, life is grand.

(Photo by Bonnie Lucente)

I decided that I need more than just corn to eat

now that it’s COLD.

There isn’t anything good to eat on the floor…

so I convinced my mom to give me special snacks.

Sometimes I make a mess…

and sometimes I bite the hand that feeds me.

Sometimes I pretend that I don’t care…

and sometimes I act real proud.

I helped the cable guy fix the lines… Luca and my dad tried to help, too.

The cable guy was pretty impressed with me!

My mom and I took a walk in the garden…

and believe it or not…

we actually found things BLOOMING!

My mom says that the plants think it’s spring… I believe her!

My favorite girls came home for Christmas BUT

I think they like the C – A – T – S

more than ME!

OR… maybe SHE likes the D – O – G more!

I came in for my Christmas treats and my dad took a nap with ME!

My friend Bonnie came to visit me.

SHE likes ME!

I fell asleep in her arms!

OOPS!!!  Look who came with her!

It’s my friend Maria, but who is THAT???

a    D – O – G ???

My mom thought he was really CUTE!

I didn’t.

HE was drooooooooooooling over ME!!!


Maria tried to hold me BUT

I wasn’t thrilled.

She brought me a bonnet, so my dad helped her try it on.

(Photo by Bonnie Lucente)

I really, really, really don’t think I like him…

BUT my mom and Maria say Lumpy (yes, that’s his name, can you believe it???) is nice…

NOT sure about that!

For some reason, this C – A – T wants to hang out with ME!

I haven’t figured it out yet.

My mom and dad thought it was funny when I landed on this book…

I didn’t!

My dad tried to apologize…

and so did my mom.

I’ll think about it.

My mom had me model my shawl again, but I drew the line and said NO to the bonnet!

Once a day is ENOUGH!

New Year’s Day dawned bright and clear.

A perfect day to wander the gardens, take a walk…

the C – A – T – S tried to see how many footprints would fit on my mom’s car, but got too tired and decided to take a nap.

Pretty ridiculous, if you ask ME!

I went for a walk…

and HE followed me!

My birth mother and the S – I – B – L – I – N – G – S

thought they could come in the house, TOO!

My dad said NO!

I’m special.

So, until next time…



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Settlin’ In~

Someone, who shall remain nameless, TOTALLY FORGOT

that it GETS DARK EARLY now…

I had to fly up onto the windowsill to



My dad THOUGHT I needed a new friend

so he brought this weird looking chicken up to the house


SHE had feathered feet


a BIZARRE hairdo!

He calls her Bouffy…

yeah, like a bouffant

(play /bˈfɑːnt/) is a type of hairstyle characterized by hair piled high on the head and hanging down on the sides).


He actually thinks that I might like HER???


My Uncle Jim cuddles with the C – A – T – S on the back steps…

Sometimes I sneak over to join them


he might want to hang out with me.

I decided to help my mom out with her next article…

BUT I had to watch out for the SIBLINGS and the sheep and goats…


Dora came into MY garden and I had to go hide under the baptisia!

I like it better when no one bothers me!

OOPS!  Better get outta here… there’s that C – A – T again!

Welllllllll, maybe he’s not going to bother me after all.

EVERYWHERE I went, HE was there, too!

buk, buk, buk… buk, buk, buk!


Yes, I have learned how to squawk LOUDLY!

My mom is not thrilled.

It’s particularly fun to squawk in her ear!

She said I sound like a seagull… can you IMAGINE?

My mom decided to knit me a shawl.

Her friend, Sharon,  found the instructions on the internet.

I didn’t like it very much

so she let me take it off.

Olivia decided that Amos was pretty handsome…

she kept nuzzling up to him UNTIL

HE sent her PACKING!!!

Guess she forgot that she’s a goat and he’s a sheep!

The grandchildren came over again.

They all wanted to feed me at once…

then they all went away EXCEPT

THIS ONE!  She liked feeding me.

My mom let me come in the house

for a snack AND

to write my blog…

my dad didn’t understand…

sooooooo, that’s it for now,

until next time!

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