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The Garden Princess~

It’s been one heck of a week!

First, my friend Maria (Primitives by Maria) came over to visit me with her friends John (Country Culture), Jeanine and Danny.  They were all nice, but I like Maria best… I even tried on my aviator helmet for her.

First, after 3 whole weeks of hiding…

and skulking around…

my birth mother decided to abandon yet another nest FULL OF EGGS!!!

Can you imagine???  My mom says they weren’t fertile, but I’m not sure I believe her… remember WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!!

I made friends with a sheep in the garden, only to find out it’s made of stone!

Someone was eating the tomatoes in the garden… I don’t know who it could be!

Oops!  Did you hear something?

Hmmmmm… maybe not.

I told my mom that it was time to harvest the garlic.  She wasn’t sure.

Are you sure you didn’t hear anything?


Caught.  In.  The.  Act.  Embarrassing.

Then that stupid turkey made me trip over the empty pots…

she stole MY cucumber…

and wouldn’t let me take it back!  Then she ATTACKED ME!


She mussed up my feathers…

and one feather…

one feather…

OMG!!!  Get her OUT OF HERE!!!

one feather FELL OUT!!!

The siblings are still around… they haunt me in the garden, popping in and out of the plants.

Here they are with my birth mother, all in embarrassing poses… am I really related to THEM???

This C – A – T is always underfoot!  He thinks that HE is my mom’s FAVORITE, but HE IS NOT!!!  He helps us tend the garden and he really isn’t so bad… at least HE doesn’t ATTACK me!

My mom finally harvested the garlic, WITH MY HELP… but he helped, too!

Sometimes I hide in the weeds.

I FINALLY got MY cucumber back!

Sometimes I hide in the herb garden… so I can sneak in the house!

Just like this!

I LOVE looking for bugs…



THAT is H U G E…

and there’s that C – A – T, trying to look all cute and sweet… what’s a chickie to do???

Get tough, that’s what!

Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh…. MOMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Phew… it’s safer up here!

Any ripe raspberries???

I was helping my mom stack soap in the Garden Shop and we heard a THUD on the roof!  Imagine… that crazy bird flew up on the roof.  Doesn’t she know the best bugs are on the ground?

Then she snuck in the house…

and slowly turned to leave…

BUT she had second thoughts, changed her mind and FLEW UP ON THE COUNTER!!!  My mom and dad had a FIT!!!  They SCARED her half to death and she flew down and ran OUT THE DOOR!

She got all huffy and walked away…

Pretty IMPRESSIVE!  Hmmmm, I think I might like that one!

Well, that’s it for now… until next time!


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What a crazy week it’s been.

My dad gave me an aviator cap.

Then my friend, Anne Nichols, took my picture


Anne makes beautiful hooked rugs and calls her business Annetiques.

My friend Cindy Shepard saw me fly over her house, too!  She must have seen me while she was out gardening at Hometown Antiques!

THEN, there was a lot of COMMOTION on Facebook…

NO ONE could believe I could FLY!

But I showed them!

I even ended up on Cindy Petters’ blog, Hidden Pond Farm ~ LOTS OF FUN!!!

Mom caught me snitching food from my siblings…

THEY stick together like THIEVES!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden

looking for bugs and avoiding those BRATS!

They’re not coming are they?

Any bugs???

What’s this???

My favorite path…

This is my favorite spot, under the Baptisia…

BUT, look who was here…

EVIDENCE!  They’re invading MY space!

and then I have to go HIDE!

WHAT???  DID YOU CALL ME???  Nope, no one called me…

My favorite thing is to pretend I don’t hear my mom call me.  She looks all over for me, but still can’t find me… I’m very good at hiding!

When I hear the panic in her voice, I wait a few minutes and sneak up behind her like I was there all the time!

I came across the D – O – G with schmegg on his face!

I think he was embarrassed.

I’ve been helping my mom with the weeding, but one of those C – A – T – S is always under foot!  He likes to help mom weed, too!  He should know that dirt is for chickens, not C – A – T – S ! ! !

Here I am taking a dirt bath in the freshly weeded herb garden…

My birth mother is setting again.  When she gets hungry, she comes running out of her hiding place, acting like the Tasmanian Devil!

She’s squawking, frantic for food… EVERYONE is afraid of HER!

Even the C – A – T ! ! !

She was stealing food right out of HIS dish!

Another thing… the other day when I was in the garden,

this HUGE bird showed up and STAYED and STAYED and STAYED!

She finally went back to the barn when it got dark.


Even the C – A – T got irritated!

My friend, Celeste, came over to play with me.

I showed her how I can hang limp in her hand.

I showed her my pretty legs.

I don’t even have to buy alligator boots!

I showed her my pretty feathers, too.

My mom says I’m photogenic.

The other day my dad cut his hair and shaved his beard.

I didn’t know who he was, so I bit him HARD!

How was I supposed to know it was HIM???

Sometimes my mom lets me look at the computer with her.

I love looking at pictures, especially when I’m in them!

YIKES!  I look so great flying that plane!

The things my siblings don’t even know about…

Some mornings I can’t wait to get out of the house…

D – O – G – S and C – A – T – S always in the way!

but they’re nicer to me than those SIBLINGS!

When I hear them coming, I RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!

Well, it’s past my bedtime… gotta go!

Until next time…

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