Reality Sets In…

So, today is my dad’s birthday…

HE didn’t warn me, so I didn’t have a present for him

which made me very sad, BUT

I WILL sneak in to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY…


I DID spend the other day helping him in the shop…

HE likes it when I help, BUT

sometimes he thinks I’m BOSSY!  Here I am SUPERVISING him as he works on our Walker Homestead display for Simple Goods!  HE always THINKS that HE knows MORE than ME!!!   BUT

he’s WRONG!


NOW, he’s listening!

So, it’s getting pretty COLD out there!

I still enjoy looking for treats in the garden…

that is, when SHE isn’t in the way!

I lost my friend, Sadie… she’s buried in the Remembrance Garden where I can visit her ❤

…and where she can smell the flowers~

My birth mother is still HARASSING me!  BUT

SHE’s not as mean as SHE looks…

the siblings are still a PAIN!

but nothing compared to HER!!!

SHE chases me AND

B – I – T – E – S


WHAT did I ever do to HER???


L – I – K – E – S



WHY not ME?

I snuck in the house again…

HE wanted to come in, TOO!

My dad let me ride Luca’s back.

He didn’t like that very much!

Some days are better than others…

HE thinks he’s ALL THAT!

Little does he realize how silly he looks, especially when he shakes his feathers at the girls!


he is getting pretty in the front… kind of.

I snuck in the house again… it’s warmer in there!

DON’T THEY GET IT???  I want to live INSIDE!!!

Some days I look sad and dejected…

so my mom will spoil me… this time I got cornbread!

We had a visitor the other day…

Mark Kimball Moulton, a writer and photographer, came by to visit us!

(Photo by Mark Kimball Moulton)

Fidel was bored with him, can you imagine???  RUDE!

(Photo by Mark Kimball Moulton)

I had trouble paying attention… I just knew S – H – E

was right around the corner!!!

(photo by Mark Kimball Moulton)

I think he liked H – E – R better!

I KNOW I’m prettier!!!

Can you believe S – H – E  TALKS to MY MOM???

She thinks  S – H – E  is pretty special, going brrrrrrrup!  brrrrrrrup!  brrrrrrrup!


MY MOM talks back to H – E – R!!!

So, I snuck in the house again!

and snuggled…

with my friend, Celeste.


Well, that’s it for now…

My mom tells me she is leaving me for a while.

That makes me sad, BUT

my dad says I might be able to stay in his shop

when it gets REALLY COLD!


Celeste promised she would visit me again.

Until next time…


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2 responses to “Reality Sets In…

  1. Hi Chickie, I am not so sure men will ever listen so we just have to keep clucking at them….

  2. Elizabeth Kenney

    you are beautiful! I love your stories very much

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