Miss Independence ~

I have declared

M Y   I N D E P E N D E N C E…

I will no longer

let my dad catch me

when I am outside.

I run and hide in the garden, pretending I don’t hear him.

I am almost all grown up now.

Sometimes, when I feel like it…

I let my mom catch me so children can pet me

and see how soft my pretty feathers are.

I fear I must report

H – A – R – R – A – S – S – M – E – N – T


My siblings are at it again… and that C – A – T  !

WHEREVER I go… they are THERE!

Constantly stealing my handouts…

Climbing mom’s leg, trying to share her shoulder…

Even IN the bird bath…

Don’t they know that this is for B – I – R – D – S ? ? ?

They sun themselves in MY garden.

All too often, MY shady spot is occupied!

One of these days…

I’m going to tell them where to go!

YIKES!!!  He’s getting too close for comfort…

H – E – L – P ! ! !

Maybe next time!

I am getting very brave…

I walk right up to the D – O – G …

when he’s not looking!

I wander all over the garden…

Some things are really B – I – G !

and some things are not so big…

From here home looks very FAR AWAY!


Gotta run!

Until next time…


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2 responses to “Miss Independence ~

  1. oh my goodness..this is so sweet. Does Chickie have a sister that could come live with me?

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